Matt Bell: ATP, MEI, Operation Manager/Co-owner

My first “right seat” landing was in a Cessna Conquest on a grass strip in the hills of Missouri at the age of 14. I was always completely infatuated with airplanes as long as I can recall. I Obtained all my certificates and ratings at Kansas State University – Salina and graduated with an Aeronautical Science degree in 2004. I took job with Cessna Finance Corporation after graduation as a Regional Service Manager and enjoyed financing aircraft and repossessing them. I began flight instructing with Midwest Corporate Aviation in 2009 and began co-owning LakePoint Aviation in 2011. I am excited to continue to provide the best aircraft and instruction in the Wichita area. In my free time I try to spend my time with my wife and two boys as I get to do my favorite hobby daily.


Tyler Nissley: CFII

I had the great experience to fly even before I learned to drive, at the age of 15. I had my first experience behind the controls of a Piper Cherokee where I discovered my passion. Later I attended Hesston College and there earned all my ratings and certificates. After graduating in 2017 with nearly 250 flight hours, I accepted the full time position of CFI here at LakePoint Aviation. I’m excited to share my knowledge of aviation and learn from my students while I continue to do what I love, fly!
Certified Flight Instructor


Chris Stalica: CFII

Certified Flight Instructor


Matt Sanders: CFII

Certified Flight Instructor


Robby Cornejo: CFII, ME

Flying has always been what seemed like a farfetched childhood dream that would always be out of reach. Luckily, about 5 years ago, my neighbor at the time stopped me from mowing the yard and told me to come with them, they were taking me flying! Little did I know that simple gesture would turn a childhood dream into a reality, and furthermore a career. I graduated from Wichita State University in 2009 with a Bachelors in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. A quick two years later, I decided the banking industry was not a complete fit for me and decided on attending Kansas State University – Salina to pursue my flying career. I have been instructing, and still learning with LakePoint Aviation since March 2013. Happy flying, shiny side up!


Kevin L Unrein: Private Pilot, Co-Owner

My wife said my learning to fly was a midlife crisis…. I say the dream of learning to fly was something I wanted to do since grade school. In May 2010, at the ripe old age of 46, I started working on that dream. I took a few lessons at a rural Butler County airport but I wanted to learn on a more modern aircraft with the Garmin G1000 avionics. So I move over to Midwest Corporate Aviation and started flying with flight instructor Matt Bell. My commitment to myself was to move as fast in my training as I felt comfortable. In 2011, I partnered with my flight instructor Matt Bell and business partner Warner Harrison and purchased the flight school from Midwest Corporate Aviation and renamed the flight school LakePoint Aviation. In 2012, I officially became a Private Pilot. Now I’m currently working on my instrument rating. One of my goals with the flight school is to provide the best flight training in the Wichita Metro Area. I hope your dreams of learning to fly come true and you never know someday you might even own a flight school.


Audra Bell: Director of Marketing

Until I met Matt I really had no interest in flying. Now you could say I’m spoiled. It’s pretty hard to board a commercial flight, go through security and spend all the time “waiting” on a flight when I have gotten so used to just walking out to the runway, getting on the plane and taking off! I am definitely blessed to have married someone who truly does what he loves every day. I am so proud of the company that Matt and Kevin have built and it has been so great for the Wichita Aviation community. The team that LakePoint Aviation is one of the best. Our instructors are all so knowledgeable and well trained that I feel confident in each and every one of them. Our boys are frequent little fliers too and it’s such a fun thing for our family to get to do. I feel like the “house mom” sometimes with these instructors but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Being a part of a company that allows me the perks of flying privately is something that I hope everyone gets to experience at some point in their life – it is a truly freeing and exciting feeling!