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There are many reasons that may drive someone to become a pilot.  Among them may be to meet a new challenge, experience the freedom and exhilaration of seeing the world from above, make weekend getaways more fun, or even allow for the convenience of business travel on one’s own schedule.  Whatever your reason for learning to fly, your flight training journey should start here at Lakepoint Aviaiton.  There are many hurdles to overcome as you complete your training, and our professional, experienced staff can help you navigate them all in a time frame that fits your schedule.  Among the requirements you will meet on your journey to freedom include:

  • Aeronautical knowledge and FAA knowledge test
  • Pre-solo training in the airplane
  • Solo training
  • Flying to other airports (cross-county training)
  • Solo cross-county training
  • Practical test preparation
  • Practical test


Instrument flying is a serious business. It is demanding. It takes active thinking. When a pilot gets the instrument rating he is authorized to evaluate weather, dispatch the flight, and is then challenged to fly the airplane in the same air traffic control system and weather systems that the two-crew turbine airplanes are using. The day after the rating is earned, a pilot is free to fly IFR to Atlanta Hartsfield from Eisenhower National on a dark and stormy night with passengers.  This is an enormous responsibility, as well as incredibly rewarding.  Becoming an Instrument rated pilot enables you to enhance your skills, situational awareness, and problem solving ability significantly.  At Lakepoint Aviation, we take this training seriously and do our best to mimic real world scenarios by conducting the training at night and in actual IMC when conditions allow.  This is an important consideration when selecting a school to conduct your training because statistics show the accident rate in night IFR is terrible and there is no night IFR training requirement.  We go above and beyond to ensure we are endorsing capable, safe pilots for this rating.


Do you want to get paid to fly?  Do you desire to work for an airline? Maybe you want to be a cropduster? There are numerous opportunities to earn money while doing something you love, and the Commercial Certificate permits the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for his/her work.  If you have a passion for the sky as we do, don’t put this Certificate off any longer.  The job market is in your favor NOW!


The most visible CFIs are often the aspiring airline pilots who populate flight schools on their way to a jet cockpit.  However, as a CFI you personally affect the safety and proficiency of pilots you train, but added to that is the critically important role of CFIs in recruiting new blood to aviation. The vast majority of new pilots sign up through the direct or indirect efforts of active CFI’s.  The CFI has been deemed the most important role in the aviation industry simply because the entire industry relies on pilots flying the aircraft and using the products that are the lifeblood of the field.  Many may look at the role of a CFI as simply a time- building pit stop, but as you have read, we are so much more than that.  If you want to play a role in impacting the safety of flight, producing quality pilots, and influencing the success of an entire industry, then this rating is for YOU!

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