LakePoint Aviation is committed to providing lifelong relationships with customers well after you obtain your certificate and ratings. If owning an airplane is in your plan, we will guide you every step of the way of your aircraft sale. Purchasing an aircraft properly is a time consuming task. Questions about market values, maintenance issues, AD’s, performance, the process in general can leave you in search of answers. LakePoint Aviation has many years of experience to guide you through the process. We will represent you as a buyer’s agent and work directly for YOU!

Discovering your Mission

How do you want the airplane to work for you? We will work together to map out your anticipated flights and payload needs. We will match the right aircraft to your experience, budget, and mission needs. We will help obtain business holding advice, insurance, and financing options.


A successful acquisition starts with extensive research. As we explore options we plug into networks to find aircraft that are not on the market. We will conduct market values on candidate aircraft and compare to other aircraft on the market.


As your buyer’s agent, we will guide and consult you through the entire purchasing process. We prepare all the contracts. Once a purchase agreement is in place, we will coordinate the pre-purchase inspection and arrange the closing details involved with escrow and FAA.

Aircraft Management

Keeping an airplane ready to fly can be a part time job in itself. Maintenance, database updates every 28 days, hangar renewal, and AD/Service questions can be time consuming. LakePoint Aviation will take care of all the issues of ownership at your request.

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